Springs High School

Students at Springs High School celebrate the opening of their new school.
Students at Springs High School celebrate the opening of their new school.

After taking on the project of Shalom Primary School in Rongai and visiting the community, World Teacher Aid recognized a need for a high school in the area. This area, an IDP resettlement camp, had no day school available for low income families and, as a result, students were forced to stop their education after class 8.

Opening day celebrations at Springs High School!
Opening day celebrations at Springs High School!

By again partnering with VICDA, World Teacher Aid raised funds for the construction of a high school and we are very happy to announce that on October 10th of this year Springs High School opened its doors! The school is starting small with only a freshman class of about 70 students from the Giwa area as well as other students who travel into the village to attend.  The next freshman class will be admitted in January, at the beginning of the 2014 school year. Springs High School has 2 streams in each class with a total of 8 classrooms, 3 laboratories, 3 toilet blocks and the construction of an administration block will be starting soon.

Once again, thank you to World Teacher Aid for their continued work in improving the lives of the needy people of Kenya. Thousands of children and several generations will surely benefit from your good and devoted work!

Shalom Primary School

Donors and kids at Shalom Primary School in Rongai near Nakuru.
Donors and kids at Shalom Primary School in Rongai near Nakuru.

VICDA was very excited to partner with World Teacher Aid, a Canadian organization,  to construct Shalom Primary School in the Giwa IDP Resettlement in Rongai, Kenya. The children living at Giwa have had a very traumatic few years as they were violently displaced after the 2007 presidential election. In addition to living in small tents in overcrowded IDP Camps these children had virtually no access to education for about 4 years. The construction of Shalom Primary School was an important project for the Kenyans living in the area and serves as an enormous step forward as they begin to rebuild their lives in their new homes.

Currently 567 students attend Shalom Primary School. Shalom was the first primary school to be constructed in the area and includes classes 1 thru 8, an administration block and 3 toilet blocks. The construction costs approximately $110,00 USD and will be in use for generations to come.

Students at Shalom Primary School celebrate the opening of their school.
Students at Shalom Primary School celebrate the opening of their school.

Both VICDA and the residents at Giwa are grateful for World Teacher’s Aid and the work that they have done in the community. Last year donors from World Teacher’s Aid traveled to Kenya to meet the residents of Giwa and to search out new areas in need of schools and donations.


2013 Voluntourism Dates Announced!

Great news! We’ve just announced the dates and itinerary for the 2013 Voluntourism trip! This is a fantastic opportunity to both see the beautiful land of Kenya and to serve. Be sure to check out trip details and feel free to contact us with any questions!

This trip is perfect for:

  • Families! We intentionally scheduled the trip between Summer Camps and the start of school so that families can participate. This is a fabulous and safe way to show your children another part of the world and for them to make lasting memories!
  • Teachers! Again, the scheduling of this trip allows teachers to be a part of it! More than half of the camp residents are children and we are seeking enthusiastic teachers to be a part of this experience!
  • Second time travelers! You may have gone on a safari in Kenya or another part of Africa, but this is a new experience for most travelers – even seasoned ones.
  • Professionals with limited time off! We pack a lot into this weeklong trip, this is a great way to both see and experience Kenya with just one week off of work.
  • Doctors! It’s a medical camp after all, your skills will certainly be put to use!

Eat So They Can in Kenya!

Contest winner’s from 2011’s Eat So They Can worldwide dinner party are now in Kenya distributing food and supplies with VICDA, GVN’s Kenyan partner.  Want to join them next year?  Host an Eat So They Can dinner to help raise funds for GVN Foundation’s many projects.  VICDA projects have benefitted greatly from this program ranging from school feeding programs to desks and text books.  Visit the Eat So They Can blog to read more!

Niamh, a volunteer at Happy Life

What’s more, GVN Foundation’s focus this month is KENYA!  GVN Foundation is partnering with Happy Life Children’s Home to bring attention to abandoned babies, a serious problem in Nairobi.  Stylish handbags are being sold through their website to benefit this fantastic project.  VICDA has been placing volunteers at Happy Life for several years and has a positive relationship with the organization.