Agri-business in the rural area has become one of the  key vehicle for economic empowerment in the rural areas in Kenya. VICDA has been able to provide soybeans seeds/fertiliser to the rural farmers in Nakuru county with the full support of her donor funding from KIDS INITIATIVES,Canada. This year the organisation has  been able to undertake soybeans seeds/fertiliser distributions for phases I and II. The organisation is now preparing to undertake Phase III of its distribution to reach the 700 households targeted  this year 2017, per Acreage per household.


Rural Agricultural Economic  Empowerment Program has tremendously changed the lives of many rural families who solely depend on agricultural farming. VICDA through Lomas Marketing Cooperative Society is increasingly reaching more rural farmers where the soybeans produce has a ready available market and all the farmers produce will be delivered to the factory next week. From next week,the farmers will be preparing their land for the end of year  season,ready to plant sunflower which is expected to be ready for harvest by end of coming December.


As VICDA keeps on empowering small scale farmers in the rural areas,this time around the farmers are growing soya beans versus sunflower as a crop rotation to maintain soil nutrients. Soya beans is another type of cash crop whose demand is very high with a low supply in the Kenya local manufacturing market. The crop takes 3 months in Lemolo and Solai areas in Nakuru county since the weather is warmer than some other parts of Kenya. The harvesting season will be in the next 2 months. VICDA has already signed a contract with some manufacturers for a ready available market for the farmers produce under Lomas Marketing Cooperative Society Ltd. In every season, more and more farmers are joining the group.soyabeans 2

soya beans

Safina Haji High School In Subukia,Nakuru County:

The construction of Safina Haji High School in Subukia Constituency in Nakuru county is ongoing with the VICDA team on the ground working tirelessly to have it completed by end of July,2016; The School is also a day public  High School which target the kids within the area and its environs; the education is very much affordable in term  of school fees. The government charge a fee of between (kshs.4,000)US$40 – (Kshs.5,000)US$50 per child per semester. The families living in this community  are peasant farmers and they are also part of the resettled IDPs who are still trying to build their lives; The construction of this school includes 8 classrooms( two streams from form 1-4),2 laboratories with a chemical storage for science subjects,office administration block,10 toilets;

safina haji high school 1

safina haji 2

Next week we move with another VICDA  Construction Team to Molo to start Construction of Baraka Shalom Primary school in Sirikwa village,Molo Constituency,Nakuru County; The school should also be completed by end of July,2016; All the schools project have been funded by WTA,Canada.


The new day public Bright Hope High School in Lemolo Village,Rongai Constituency,Nakuru County. The construction of this school started February this year(2016) and it has a new in-take of 73 students who are all in Form one. The students did their K.C.P.E last year. More than half of the students comes from 2 public primary schools (Kimugul and Sinendet Primary schools in Lemolo) which have been constructed by VICDA,Kenya  and fully funded by WTA Canada and the rest of the students comes from the nearby  surroundings. Both Primary schools have more than 700 students from the local community; The Bright Hope High school have all classrooms from form 1 – 4, two laboratories with a chemical storage for science subjects,10 toilets(4 – for girls,4-boys ,2 for the teachers) and office administration block; education is very much affordable in term of school fees. The government charge a fee of between (kshs.4,000)US$40 – (Kshs.5,000)US$50 per child per semester.The government has already brought in TSC teachers; Currently, the VICDA team are on the ground completing the construction of the administration block which should be completed by next week;

Students at Bright Hope High SchoolLEMOLO HIGH SCHOOL