Eat So They Can in Kenya!

Contest winner’s from 2011’s Eat So They Can worldwide dinner party are now in Kenya distributing food and supplies with VICDA, GVN’s Kenyan partner.  Want to join them next year?  Host an Eat So They Can dinner to help raise funds for GVN Foundation’s many projects.  VICDA projects have benefitted greatly from this program ranging from school feeding programs to desks and text books.  Visit the Eat So They Can blog to read more!

Niamh, a volunteer at Happy Life

What’s more, GVN Foundation’s focus this month is KENYA!  GVN Foundation is partnering with Happy Life Children’s Home to bring attention to abandoned babies, a serious problem in Nairobi.  Stylish handbags are being sold through their website to benefit this fantastic project.  VICDA has been placing volunteers at Happy Life for several years and has a positive relationship with the organization.

2 thoughts on “Eat So They Can in Kenya!

  1. My wife and I are are Kenyan citizens and still looking for a child to adopt. The exercise is so hard;but we are determined to keep trying. We just are desperate for a baby to adopt as God has not given us another alternative. Man has stood squarely in the way. Does anyone have a straight forward open way to allow my wife and I to get to those children on the other side?

  2. Thank you Irene Wairimu;and God bless your B I G kind heart. We called as you advised us. May God lead us all. We love you big!!!

    Leah and Joel

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