Medical camp at Gitaru IDP Resettlement in Molo

2014-04-01 13.58.18
Gitaru Farm, located about 7 kilometers away from the nearest health facility in the area, was happy to have a medical camp for its residents in early April. The funding for the camp was donated by Caring for the Kids of Kenya (USA) through VICDA and facilitated in conjunction with the Ministry of Health in Molo. More than 500 men, women and children were treated on April 1 and 2. On behalf of the residents of Gitaru Farm, VICDA would like to thank Caring for the Kids of Kenya for sponsoring this medical camp.
medical camp 4
medical camp 2

2013 Voluntourism Dates Announced!

Great news! We’ve just announced the dates and itinerary for the 2013 Voluntourism trip! This is a fantastic opportunity to both see the beautiful land of Kenya and to serve. Be sure to check out trip details and feel free to contact us with any questions!

This trip is perfect for:

  • Families! We intentionally scheduled the trip between Summer Camps and the start of school so that families can participate. This is a fabulous and safe way to show your children another part of the world and for them to make lasting memories!
  • Teachers! Again, the scheduling of this trip allows teachers to be a part of it! More than half of the camp residents are children and we are seeking enthusiastic teachers to be a part of this experience!
  • Second time travelers! You may have gone on a safari in Kenya or another part of Africa, but this is a new experience for most travelers – even seasoned ones.
  • Professionals with limited time off! We pack a lot into this weeklong trip, this is a great way to both see and experience Kenya with just one week off of work.
  • Doctors! It’s a medical camp after all, your skills will certainly be put to use!