HIV/AIDS Counseling Projects

In Kenya, one living with HIV is said to be “living positively.”  While there is still a lot of stigma and discrimination against people with HIV/AIDS, organizations like VICDA are working hard to maintain the quality and longevity of HIV/AIDS patients.  The HIV/AIDS counseling projects take place both in counseling centers as well as home visits.  Counselors going on home visits take “home care kits” (about $40 worth of supplies) along with them consisting of:

  • Jik/Salvon/Betadine
  • Vaseline Jelly
  • Tulcum powder
  • Disposable polythene bags
  • Bar soaps and antiseptic bathing soaps
  • Bandages and gloves
  • Tissue papers
  • Razor blades
  • Condoms -male/female
  • Over the counter pain killers and multivitamins
  • ORS
  • Piritons
  • Antimalaria
  • Albendazole
  • Cotton wools and gauze rolls
  • Spectaculars
  • Blood Pressure Machine and thermometer

Patients who are bed-ridden receive care packages of about $350 worth of food from the counselors with the following supplies:

  • Porridge flour/maize flour/powdered milk mixture (90 kg)
  • Beans (50 kg)
  • Rice (50 kg)
  • Cooking oil (20 liter)

Please take a moment to read this testimonial of Annie, a VICDA volunteer working with an HIV/AIDS Counseling Centre in Nairobi.

Annie with patients at AMKA

My first volunteer placement with VICDA (through GVN) began in May 2006 with a HIV/AIDS project in the local slums of Nairobi around Ngando and Dagoretti.  This community based program under the name of AMKA (Swahili word meaning WAKE UP!) serviced 3 clinics as well as a “home visit” project for patients too ill to journey to the clinics or hospital.  My passion for the people of Africa grew from this work with the poorest of the poor and I returned again to VICDA in September of the same year for a further 6 weeks work.   How could I ever forget people like the beautiful Stella, a 32 year old woman we found curled up and dying in filthy conditions, with insects buzzing around her, a body so wasted by disease that when we bathed her, it seemed that her delicate bones might snap in our hands.  Stella with the smile that shone from her heart and whose heart became a big part of my own…

Annie is a frequent volunteer from Australia

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