About VICDA Latin America

VICDA is very excited to announce the VICDA LATAM program and we look forward to welcoming many more Latin American university students to Kenya!


VICDA is an NGO headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya and strives to assist needy Kenyans through community projects, child sponsorship and volunteer involvement.

VICDA es una ONG fundada en Nairobi, Kenia que lucha por asistir y atender las necesidades de los Kenianos a través de proyectos sociales, apadrinamiento de niños y actividades de voluntariado.



Being the connection and intermediary between the two countries, working as a direct link of the Kenyan headquarters and the volunteers in Latin America, to ensure that every one of them is being given the proper tools, support and information they will need in order to participate in VICDA’s projects.


Ser el intermediario entre ambos países (Latinoamérica –Kenia)  fungiendo como vínculo directo entre la base de la organización en Kenia y los voluntarios en Latinoamérica, brindándoles el apoyo, información y herramientas que un voluntario necesita para poder participar en los proyectos de VICDA.




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