KIENI HIV/AIDS Women Group in Nyeri,Kenya April,2014 & January,2015:

The group benefited with medicine,food and spirulina supplements. The group have been struggling with medication and the right diet for their patients which has caused an increased in the number of unnecessary deaths.

Spirulina supplement have been able to boost the patients body immunity is a very high rate which is from bed-ridden to  healthy working individuals.

Two donations distributed in April,2014 and January,2015;

Our next project is to build a Resource Center and empower the group through businesses;

Medical Donation At KIENI HIV GROUP
Mama Tunza Children Orphanage in Ngong,Kenya December,2014:

The orphanage benefited with a water pump and grinding machine.

The water pump is being used to pump the water from the source to the greenhouse within the orphanage which was donated by K.I.D.S Initiatives in April,2013 as a source of children nutrients and income for the orphanage.

The grinding machine is to be used for labeling of cloth designs done by the orphanage where the buying of the sewing machines were also facilitated by VICDA through a cash donation from K.I.D.S Initiatives in April,2013.

mama tunza machines
Lemolo A Water Harvesting Project at Kimugul Primary School in Nakuru,Kenya January,2015:

Installation of water harvesting project at Kimugul Primary School where the water is being used by children for school feeding program,drinking and cleanliness.

This area is completely dry and has been lacking water. The water project is making a big impact to the children in school;

Our next project in the school is to implement Irrigation farming within the school where we have set aside 3 acres to be utilized for the purpose of sustainable school feeding program where the implementation will take place from month of April,2015;

Water Project

Shalom Primary School in Nakuru,Kenya Construction of 8 Additional Toilets April & December,2014:
Shalom Primary School  benefited with 8 additional toilets from K.I.D.S. Initiatives in the year 2014. The school is having a total number of 561 children where initially the boys and girls had 4 toilets respectively. The additional of  8 more toilets(4 for girls & 4 for boys) have been provided  to meet the school demand based on the number of students in school.

Shalom Toilets Blocks

Shalom Toilets Block

Donated a Green House to Ndia-ini Primary School in Nairobi,Kenya:
A green house has been donated to this school to support the school feeding program for the children;The School has also benefited with a water tank to be used for the greenhouse purpose.
Ndia-ini school green house

New Uniform Jumpers for Ndii-ini Primary School!

Students at Ndia-ini Primary School show off their new uniform jumpers!
Students at Ndia-ini Primary School show off their new uniform jumpers!

Imagine the excitement of the the students at Ndii-ini Primary School in Nairobi last month when they arrived at school to find brand new uniform jumpers waiting for them! K.I.D.S. Initiatives of Canada kindly donated the jumpers for the 529 students at Ndii-ini and will continue their support in the future with annual distribution trips.

K.I.D.S. (Kenya Initiative for Development and Sustainability)  is a Canadian organization that promotes development, enrichment and sustainable solutions through educational programs and local fundraising in Canada. VICDA is proud to be an international partner of K.I.D.S. Initiative in Kenya and looks forward to their next visit!

Ndii-ini Primary School is located in the Kahawa area of Nairobi and has been in operation since the 1950’s. VICDA has worked with the school since 2009 and regularly places volunteers there. If you are interested in volunteering with VICDA at Ndii-ini, please refer to the volunteer page. K.I.D.S. Initiatives is always looking at new projects to support in order to meet the schools needs. If you would like to support their efforts, please refer to their website.