After distribution of phase ll farm inputs ,the soybeans production gave high yields despite the prolonged drought in the country. Having soybeans as one of the drought resist crop,the soybeans was not affected by the prolonged dry season which destroyed most of the crops in other neighbouring farms. The crop is also resistant to army worms which is currently a big headache to the local farmers and the Ministry of Agriculture in Kenya. All the soybeans produce from  our farmers have already been delivered to  our local buyer as per the contract agreement. 


Safina Haji High School In Subukia,Nakuru County:

The construction of Safina Haji High School in Subukia Constituency in Nakuru county is ongoing with the VICDA team on the ground working tirelessly to have it completed by end of July,2016; The School is also a day public  High School which target the kids within the area and its environs; the education is very much affordable in term  of school fees. The government charge a fee of between (kshs.4,000)US$40 – (Kshs.5,000)US$50 per child per semester. The families living in this community  are peasant farmers and they are also part of the resettled IDPs who are still trying to build their lives; The construction of this school includes 8 classrooms( two streams from form 1-4),2 laboratories with a chemical storage for science subjects,office administration block,10 toilets;

safina haji high school 1

safina haji 2

Next week we move with another VICDA  Construction Team to Molo to start Construction of Baraka Shalom Primary school in Sirikwa village,Molo Constituency,Nakuru County; The school should also be completed by end of July,2016; All the schools project have been funded by WTA,Canada.


2016-01-06 16.09.25-1After distribution of sunflower seeds on the month of October,2015 for agricultural economic empowerment season  two,the families  in Nakuru and Laikipia counties will be harvesting the sunflower produce in the next two weeks. This project has done exceptionally well and the number of farmers has increased immensely where VICDA has expanded an arm to Lomas Cooperative Marketing Society where all the sunflower farmers are registering as members to enable good coordination of the managing and learning of the project. As we get ready to the Season three sunflower farming,the number of farmers is growing at a very high rate in different parts of the country. Season three start on 1st March,2016. This project has been fully funded by GVN Foundation for both Season one and two.

To be efficient with our services of meeting the needs of the community VICDA serve,VICDA has formed a team under Lomas Cooperative Marketing Society who will be guiding and advising all the farmers in VICDA program on the sunflower project where our next seed rotation will be soya beans as requested by our partners(buyers).

Irrigation Farming for Lemolo A & B schools for Sustainable Feeding Program:


2015-10-27 16.07.26 2015-10-27 16.06.25

The implementation of irrigation farming for both Kimugul and Sundet Primary schools in Lemolo Community sustainable feeding program has been completed and the  corns,beans,cabbage and onion seeds have already been planted. Throughout the years,Lemolo area is hardly hit by  drought and hunger which keeps the children away from schools. The project will serve around 800 schools children. This project has been fully funded by Kids Initiatives,Canada.


Voluntourism in Kenya – 3rd-17th July,2016

Participants on the 2016 Voluntourism Trip (July 3rd – 17th) will expose volunteers to the Africa local community and volunteering at a Medical Camp,teaching in schools and volunteering at other ongoing VICDA Projects on the site. The project are based in Nakuru County in Rift Valley Region. This group of IDP’s (Resettled Internally Displaced People) were displaced as a result of ethnic clashes in the December 2007 Presidential Elections. The Kenyan government has resettled these particular groups near Rongai, Kenya but they still have a long way to go in rebuilding their lives. VICDA has worked with this group since 2008 and has recently overseen the construction of a large elementary and High schools,provision of water and sanitation,schools feeding programs,sustainable agricultural projects on the grounds. VICDA is currently overseeing the construction of more schools and other projects for these residents but, in the meantime, much needed medical care is provided by donated traveling Medical Camps

VICDA Voluntourism Trip Itinerary JULY 2016:Volunteers 6
Volunteering for 2 weeks costs with accommodation at guest-house and transport to the project; US$550
Bank charges and fluctuation exchange rates from dollars to Kenya shillings;US$50

DAY 1 –  3rd  July,2016-; Arrival day –Rest ;

Day 2 – 4th July,2016 – Orientation in the morning. Afternoon – shopping;

Day 3  – 5th – 7th July,2016 – Working at the project either teaching in school,medical camp and working on other ongoing community projects in Nakuru,Kenya.

1st Weekend(8th – 10th July,2016):
Maasai Mara Game Reserve; 3 days 2 nights, games drives, full board accommodation in a lodge, on residents park entry fees, drivers allowance and park entry fees, vehicle entry fees, transport from and to Nairobi/Nakuru;$750

 11th July– 14th July 2016– Working in the project assigned to volunteers;

2nd Weekend (15th – 17th July,2016):
Lake Naivasha; 3 days 2 nights full board accommodation, transport from Guest-house accommodation to the lodge and return to JKIA(Jomo Kenyatta International Airport,Nairobi-Kenya) Airport ; $350

This fee includes of Airport pick-up,Airport drop-off,accommodation at the assigned host or guest house,3 meals a day,Transport from project to accommodation and vice versa; Safari to Maasai Mara Game reserve and Lake Naivasha. This fee is strictly for groups only; For extras,volunteers need to pay at their expense inclusive of drinking water;

If you are interested in participating, please fill out the volunteer contact form and one of our team members will get back to you shortly.



VICDA first pilot Agriculture project in Kenya which has been funded by GVN Foundation for community economic empowerment has turned out to be very successful where 530 farmers are the beneficiaries of Sunflower farming where each of the household has been funded from one acre to 4 acres. The project started mid May,2015 and its now the harvesting season where the farmers are harvesting their produce which are ready for the local market by one of the biggest cooking oil manufacturer in Kenya who got in partnership with VICDA. The sunflower is being used as a cash crop to empower the poor rural families in Kenya. Due to the outstanding success of this project,from last week VICDA has been able to register more 600 new farmers in Nakuru county who will start sunflower farming next month. So far,our total registered farmers are 1,130 households. The sunflower crop has 4 seasons in a year in Kenya and its a drought resistant crop. Thank you so much  GVN Foundation for funding this wonderful Agriculture Project in Kenya. Incase you are interested in supporting rural Kenya family  economically through Agriculture,please click on the Donate button on your right hand side: The donation start US$10 and above for buying seeds and manure. The farmers provide the labour for themselves.

IMG_20150804_141414 (2) IMG_20150804_143059